Commission Requests

 The Steps of a Commission 

Rough Sketch- This process is mainly capturing the poses and to lay out the overall concept for the commission.

Detailed Sketch- This will be a detailed, and cleaned up version of the rough sketch and will include all the details regarding the commission. While the commission is in the sketch phase you can make unlimited changes. Once this detailed sketch is approved, no changes can be made without an additional charge.

Inks- This is when the final line work for the commission will be done. Once this phase is completed, any further changes may cost extra.

Laying Flats- The coloring stage.

Rendering- This is where all the razzle dazzle happens. Between the shadows, highlights and effects the commission will start to really pop and come completely together to fit your vision. .

Payments & Commission Details

  • 50% of the full amount of your commission is due upfront before getting started and this is NON-REFUNDABLE. You will be given a timeline on your waiting period.
  • Once you have put down your first deposit, please gather and organize design references, if you have any to use for the commission. 
  • You will receive constant communication and updates about your commission. The second 50% of the deposit will be expected right at the Rendering stage of the commission, so please prepare for payment.
  • All commissions are digital, and do not include frames, or a physical print.

Forms of Payment 

PayPal, Zelle, or Cashapp


Types of Commissions Provided  

- Single character (including chibi, headshot, neck/ shoulder/ waist up )

start at $400

-Multiple Characters

start at  $600 (2characters) + $70 per additional character 

All can be with or without a drawn background. (you will be charged extra for drawn backgrounds) Backgrounds start at $150